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What’s the Difference:Epiphone Casino vs Casino coupe 

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The Casino, a classic guitar built during the British Invasion during the 1960’s. It delivers a powerful and iconic tone that no other guitar can replicate. But when comparing the standard and coupe, they’re practically identical.

But there’s more differences than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll be discussing the differences between the two guitars. Hopefully this information will help players pick the guitar for them and help figure out what’s the difference.

John Lennon with his Epiphone Casino

Original Casino

First made in 1961, it was known for having a hollow body, p90 pickups, nickel hardware and being light weight. It’s design was inspired by the Arch-top Gibson guitars. Many bands throughout the 60’a used it from the kinks and rolling stones, to the Beatles throughout touring and studio recording.

Epiphone Casino

Link for the Casino:

Casino Coupe

In may 2014, the Epiphone casino coupe was introduced as a revision of the original predecessor. But made it smaller for easier playing and travel. It’s nearly identical except for the size. Other than that, it’s really the same thing. It’s also available in Cherry, Sunburst, and Turquoise.

Casino Coupe

Link for the Coupe:


Overall, both guitars are excellent and well constructed guitars. However, the biggest difference between them is the size, and price. The classic Casino is bigger and costs about $699.99. The coupe costs around $499.99.

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