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What’s the Difference: Solid State & Tube Amps

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When it comes to tone, amplifiers are necessary to attaining it. Many electric musicians require a amplifier for their skills and passion. But many noticed that each amp isn’t the same. That everyone is modified and equipped differently. From all of this, one of the biggest debate in the guitar community: “What’s the difference and which is better, solid state or tube?”

What are Solid State Amps?

Fender Champion 20 Solid State Amplifier

Link for Fender Champion 20 Solid State Amp:

A solid state amp is when the amplifier uses  transistor circuits to change an electrical signal into audio. Because of these, there are multiple options to modify the sound like EQ, Reverb, etc. They also gets the amplification from the electronics transistors. Because of this, they’re best used for loud and clean tones. 

What are Tube Amps?

Fender Pro Junior IV 15-watt Tube Combo Amp

Link for Fender Pro Junior IV 15-watt Tube Combo Amp:

A Tube Amp uses vacuum tubes which are known as valves. Because of this, they sound best when cranked up to high distortion. Tubes are commonly used in the guitar community for genres such as hard rock, heavy metal, and blues. While it’s versatile and able to produce the great sounds that solid state might not be able to produce. In return, prices are noticeably higher than the average solid state.

In conclusion, there is no answer on which one is better. Each has its pros and cons. It’s up to you on which is best for your sound. Want a high distorted and heavy sound, pick a tube amp. But if you want something that’s clearer and affordable, then solid state is for you.

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