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What’s the Difference: 6 String & 12 String

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Many guitars come in all shapes and sizes. They’re typically 6 strings. But not all of them are the same. Some have more strings, some has less. But how is the 12 string guitar any different? In this article, we’ll be discussing the difference between a 6 string guitar, and a 12 string guitar. 

6 String guitars

Link for Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar:

6 string guitars are nearly every guitar in the world. It’s simple, basic, and perfect. It’s been used by millions of musicians, offering the classic and most sought-after tone.

It’s tone is described as a bright and crispy sound, while can also deliver a soft and woody-ish tone. It’s construction is also different to the 12 string. The 6 string has a more smaller, narrower neck, because it’s only 6 strings. But after hearing these, what makes the 12 String design different from the typical 6 string? 

12 String Guitars 

Link for Epiphone Song maker Dr-212:

Unlike the 6-string, it offers a more diverse and versatile tone, that many artists crave. The most significant noticeable difference with 12 strings is the design. On most head stocks, it’s 12 tuning pegs for 12 strings which causes tension. To accommodate this the neck is wider for this type of guitar.  

For more than 60+ years, countless artists and bands included a 12 string into their catalogue. Bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, John Denver are perfect examples of this.  

This is a brief summary of the difference between 6 string and 12 string. Hopefully this is helpful to new players who are eager to try each. 

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