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Review for Walrus Audio Slö Multi-Texture Reverb Effects Pedal

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When choosing Reverb, they are a variety of options in the music market. But popular choice by many is the Walrus Audio Slö Multi-Texture Reverb Effects Pedal. Now we’ll be discussing the features, the layout, and how it works.


It contains a decay, filter, mix, X, depth, sustain, and bypass. Usually standard reverb pedal settings. But one thing that set it’s self of others is the different modes. These modes effect the sound, tone, and vibe of the reverb. The following modes are:

  • Dark Mode
  • Rise Mode
  • Dream Mode

For Dark mode, it lowers an octave to the reverb trail and creates an atmospheric and wide sound. For Rise mode has an auto-swell reverb, and you can adjust the X to set amount of time the reverb do it it’s work after a note is played on your guitar or keyboard. Dream mode produces a more lush reverb. It also has a latching pad function.


It’s biggest distinction of this reverb pedal is the stunning artwork by Christi Du Toit. It’s power requirements are 9VDC (100mA minimum)


This small, yet amazing pedal is a must have for guitarist looking for a unique and fascinating sound. From its artwork and design, to the functions and modifiers, it set itself apart as one of the great reverb pedals in the market.

5/5 ⭐

Link for the Slö Multi Texture Reverb Pedal:

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