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Fender Champion 20 Review

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When it comes to finding a new amplifier whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it can be quite a difficult process. But you could save your time searching by checking out the Fender Champion 20 Watt Amplifier.


Previously mentioned, its a 20 Watt amplifier. It’s a solid state amp, an open back amp, it has an 8 inch speaker, an auxiliary input and headphone jack.

It’s a single channel input. It comes with all sorts of features like Reverb, Delay, Tremolo, and effects as well.

It has different voices, for what kind of sound you want in music. Those include, Tweed, Black Panel, British, and Metal.

Fender Champion 20 from the back.


As of writing this article, I recently bought the Champion 20. I am happy to report I am satisfied with my purchase. It offers amazing tone and quality at such a low price. It’s also versatile for recording, practicing, etc.

It’s also lightweight, loud, and portable so you could take it to practice, and even small venue gigs. This is the ideal practice amp for any level of guitarists.


Overall, I recommend this amplifier to any guitarist who need an affordable, portable practice amp. It delivers an amazing variety of tone and allows the beginner to produce greater and louder sounds.

Link for the Fender Champion 20:

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